The journey

I love reading biographies but fuck, man! Writing one has been super awkward, super cheesy, and a pain in the ass! Enjoy:

It all began with drawing but through my younger years progressed in every way from music to photography to writing to dancing to painting. But in the end illustration always came most natural and it got the majority of my attention. Tattooing specifically caught my heart very off guard, actually.  The idea of a job in the arts that was based around illustration, with such a freeing lifestyle, no judgement, no formal education necessary (although I had already gone to college for my bachelors in fine arts) and such a pirate lifestyle; I was totally down for it. I began tattooing before I even had one on my body. But one fateful day made me fall madly in love with the art form. I had a client come in to the studio, completely, silently distraught. It was an older man with a combination of strength and sadness in his eyes and he came in and asked for a rose tattoo on his forearm. He had no other tattoos on his body. I did the tattoo, no questions asked and he remained dead silent the entire time. But the one thing that stood out to me so much was his energy. I could feel the tattoo healing his spirit, I could literally see him coming to terms with whatever was going on in his life and when we were finished he gave me the most sincere thanks that I had ever received. This was when I realized the power that this art form has. I love painting, I love photography but there is no greater investment that art collector can make than in a tattoo. Paintings can hang on a wall until you get tired of them, a photo can get you lots of likes on social media but a tattoo is a part of you and builds your character as well as heals your wounds and expresses your soul. Ever since that day I have taken every tattoo that I've done as a very spiritual and magical process. Tattooing dates back to the beginning of mankind and it is how we as humans adorn our bodies and mark special moments in time. And it is in this art form that I have found my life's journey, and I consider myself pretty mothafuckin' blessed for that.


All images on my wish list are project pieces that I would love to have as a part of my portfolio. I want to put out work that best reflects my vision to inspire my clients to meet me in my imagination so we can create really epic shit. So anything that you find on my wish list page that you may want to get on your body, please email me and we can discuss the specifics on making this happen. Special pricing and scheduling will be given to these pieces and there are some guidelines for the canvases that I choose to participate in these projects with (such as location on the body/size/ etc). If you are interested please email me at melody